We focus on companies manufacturing Engineered Products for the Energy and Industrial markets.

Team Building

Creating Synergy

Forging a bond and common vision with your company’s existing management teams is paramount to our success.

During the due diligence process, we’ll meet with your key people and develop a vision for the future growth of the company.

Once we join forces, we become members of the team to create growth and upward mobility, and recruit talented people.

The goal is to create and environment to maximize success. Your company. Your people. Your culture. Your products. Added resources and opportunity.

Team Opportunities

We believe in encouraging and rewarding performance. Management teams will all have some form of equity and/or incentive system put in place to share.

Operating teams will have the autonomy and capital resources to succeed, while having unlimited access to the experience of BI’s management and advisors.

The Bridge Team Plus

Bridge contributes the skills and experience of a professional team adept in the art and science of growing manufacturing enterprises.

Jeff Berlin, Bridge CEO, enjoys helping companies grow by providing ideas, insight and the resources—financial, infrastructure, and people—to help make that happen. Jeff relies on the team’s experience, identifying challenges that need to be addressed and developing clear solutions. To see a summary of Jeff’s work history, click here.

Joel Falck joined Bridge as the CFO in early 2007. Joel has 25 years of experience as a senior level finance and operating executive in businesses that were publicly traded and financed through private equity. To see a summary of Joel’s work history, click here.


Value-added Boards and Advisors

Bridge will provide a vast network of professionals to help the management team make its strategic vision a reality. In Bridge’s recent TransTech Energy investment we recruited Tim Pistell, former EVP Finance and Administration and CFO from Parker Hannifin, as an investor and Board member. Tim will be an active member of our team developing growth strategies for TransTech.

With Bridge, companies have the freedom and opportunity to grow and prosper.