• Growth

    Your team has helped create your success, we will provide the tools and resources they need to expand it.

  • Partnership

    Our goal is to build on your vision, expanding opportunities for you, your investors, and your employees.

  • Opportunity

    We are builders of businesses … we identify true potential within your company … and the markets you serve.

  • Expertise

    We bring deep experience and a broad network of resources to augment your core capabilities.

  • Teamwork

    We invest in your people and the success they helped you achieve, strengthening their future.

Bridge Industries is in the business of buying and building closely held manufacturing companies.

Our approach is straightforward …

  • Conduct a professional, confidential review and due diligence process
  • Form a partnership with owners and management teams
  • Brainstorm and create new growth strategies – while preserving the company culture
  • Expand opportunities for employees
  • Provide capital and support to achieve long term growth, expanding opportunities for the team

We believe there is a strong future for manufacturers in America who can take advantage of our world-leading skilled labor and technology base while employing a global sourcing and distribution strategy.

Today, America’s leadership in developing new sources of energy, both conventional and alternative, is re-invigorating our manufacturing base with lower energy costs and new market potential.

Entrepreneurial/Family businesses have a tremendous value linked to their “owner-operator” history, speed to action, and deep understanding of their specific markets.

Bridge is not a bureaucracy—we’re small, flexible, enthusiastic and open to new ideas and opportunities. If our core values—customer intimacy, hard work, and integrity—are like your core values, then we share a passion for performance … and it might be time to have a conversation.

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